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Applicant Guide Preview

Need some tips on creating a great resume? Worried about an interview? Confused about what you should do after an interview? The A+ Summer Jobs Applicant Guide is here to help. From walking you through the basics of creating a cover letter and resume to pay and benefits negotiation, consult this guide when you need a friend "in the business."

The applicant guide should be used hand in hand with the your personalized application management tools. In fact, our automated tools make creating a resume and cover letter so easy that you may be tempted to skip this section. Don't do it - A+ Summer Jobs can help get you in the door, but we can't interview for you!

What's Inside
Application Tools

Complete information on creating a killer resume
Interview tips everyone should know, especially about telephone interviews
What to do after the interview
Downloadable resume and cover letter templates
Advice for international applicants

Don't forget about our automated application tools. With exclusive "1-Click" applications to participating employers, you may never need to print a resume again!

Let us be your summer job search partner!

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