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Want a great summer job? With over 1,000 summer employers to choose from, A+ gives you all the summer options - from cruise ships to Alaska fisheries!
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Application Tools Preview

Your personalized application control panel.
A+ Summer Jobs automates your job search - from finding great employers to sending out resumes.

Used for both online and offline applications, our exclusive tools guarantee a professional, customized presentation for each employer - saving you hours of tedious effort and increasing your chances of getting the best job.

The following pages show you what to expect from our application tools. Remember, no other site makes it easier!

Application Tracker - Automatically organizes all of your applications:

  • Track all communication with participating employers
  • Enter notes about any employer
  • Rank employers so you can easily identify your top choices later
  • Check the status of your application with participating employers

Click image for details on each feature.

In Progress Applications - What if you're in the middle of an application and you realize it's time for class or for your favorite TV show? Rather than doing a rush job or re-doing work later, you can pause your application and finish any time you want.

Click for larger image.

Employer Invitations - Wouldn't it be great if employers contacted you about a seasonal job? "Employer Invitations" let any participating employer who meets your requirements contact you through our GoMail messaging system.

Click for larger image.

Integrated Communication Tools - Most people who apply for seasonal jobs contact over a dozen employers - and sometimes many more. That adds up to a lot of email to organize and it's very easy to forget which employer offers better benefits, pay or location. With A+ Summer Jobs, all communication between you and a partisipating employer is tracked on a single web page and you're never more than a click away from their detailed employer profile.

A+ Summer Jobs is the ONLY employment site to offer this useful tool.

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