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Seasonal Job Video Preview

At A+ Summer Jobs, we think the best way to decide what job you want is to see for yourself. That's why we traveled all over the country, interviewing seasonal workers, filming workplaces and even filming what seasonal employees do for fun! We have produced over a dozen exclusive videos you can watch on your computer. These videos are available only on A+ Summer Jobs.

The following videos are a sample of what's in the members area.

Alaska Videos

Fresh frozen "cannery" tour.

Domestic fishery observer interview.

Cannery worker interview.

Cannery worker interview.

Floating processor deckhand interview.

After hours at the P-Bar in Sitka.

Park and Resort Videos

A day with a seasonal park ranger in Badlands NP.

Concessionaire interview in Yellowstone NP.

After hours in the employee lounge.

Seasonal ranger interview. Hear how she got started.

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