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Want a great summer job? With over 1,000 summer employers to choose from, A+ gives you all the summer options - from cruise ships to Alaska fisheries!
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Resume and Cover Letter Tools Preview

The first step of applying to any seasonal job is writing a cover letter. Before A+ Summer Jobs, this meant writing a new letter for each employer and manually typing each employer's name, address and other contact information - a time consuming process to say the least!

A+ Summer Jobs solves this problem with "default" cover letters. Each member has one letter they've written and A+ Summer Jobs automatically customizes the letter to each employer. Further, members can easily make changes to the letter before sending, and if the member writes a particularly brilliant sentence or two, they can save the changes to the default letter and use it again!

Worried about how to make the best resume possible? A+ Summer Jobs makes it easy with our resume creation tool. Members also have the option of reviewing and changing their resume before submitting to an employer. The graphic below represents the "resume review" mode. To edit, a member simply clicks the "edit" button next to each entry.

A+ Summer Jobs also provides a handy place to store information for references.

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