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Partner Content: Resume Guide

The resume is made of several distinct sections:

A. Heading: This is simply your name, address, telephone number, and email address.

For example:

Christopher Davis
1209 Winstead Ave.
Washington, DC 27768
(202) 123-4567

If your present address is different than your permanent address (i.e. you are away at college), use the address you will be residing at in the months leading to your seasonal job.

B. Objective: Here you state the position you are applying for. If you are sending out your resume to various employers, make sure to tailor the statement to the position you are applying for. You can also use this part to spice up your resume to reveal more about who you are as a person by inserting words such as "challenging".

For example:

OBJECTIVE: A challenging job as seasonal park ranger.

You could also tailor this statement to highlight other parts of your resume. Many hiring managers sift through hundreds of resumes, so it's a good idea to catch their attention quickly if possible.

For example:

OBJECTIVE: A challenging job as seasonal park ranger that builds on my volunteer experience in the Student Conservation Association.

C. Work History: It is best to be very specific about your work history and accomplishments. If you don’t have any relevant experience, don’t be shy about what experience that you do have. Skills can be learned anywhere, if you had a job waiting tables at a restaurant, it’s likely that you learned the value of team work, a bit of data entry, and customer service. Just think about all of the jobs you’ve had and what skills you've learned. What did you take away from the job that other employers would find valuable?

Note that the A+ Summer Jobs resume tools will automatically format the date for each entry.

For example:


Green Thumb Landscape Co., Shift Manager. Responsibilities include supervising workers, working with clients to design new yards, keeping track of accounts.

The Book Window, Bookseller. Emphasis on customer service and register work, operated a database, and ordered merchandise on a daily basis.

One technique that's commonly used to highlight a less than glamorous job is to position the place of employment in front of the job itself. The A+ Summer Jobs resume tool automatically highlights the employer name and puts your job title immediately below it in italics.

Stay away from using the pronoun "I" in your resume, you want your sentences to be as quick and light as possible.

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