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Work Abroad Preview

Teaching English to kids in Japan. There are also opportunities to work with adults.
The A+ Summer Jobs work abroad section profiles paid, volunteer and internship opportunities in over 50 countries. Whether you want to spend a few weeks working on community development projects in Europe or a year of teaching English in Japan, A+ Summer Jobs gives you the tools you need to succeed.

Our work abroad research concentrates on individual employers that hire Americans, work abroad programs and placement agencies. Please note that, with the exception of teaching English abroad and volunteer programs, you must be a student or recent graduate in order to qualify for the necessary work permit. However, in some cases you can qualify if you're under 24 years old, regardless of your student status. Please see the members area for more details.

A+ Summer Jobs focuses on the following work abroad opportunities:

Teaching English Abroad - From Asia to Eastern Europe, A+ Summer Jobs gives you the scoop on these excellent opportunities. It is possible to get these jobs without a teaching degree or teaching experience - being a native English speaker is usually enough!
International Internships - A+ Summer Jobs is in contact with dozens of university study abroad offices that offer internships to any student, regardless of your school affiliation. A+ Summer Jobs is one of the only sources of information about these little-known opportunities.
Work Exchange Programs - We give you inside information from other students about the best programs, the best jobs and the jobs to avoid. This objective study is a must read for any student considering a work exchange program.
Volunteer Programs - Ideal for people seeking a short-term opportunity, we profile worldwide volunteer opportunities. Volunteers typically earn free food and lodging for their work, so these programs are ideal for people looking for extended travel on a tight budget.

Let us be your international job search partner!

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