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Cruise Ship Jobs Preview

Whether you choose to work on a 2,000 berth megaship or on a 19th century clipper ship staffed with naturalists and academic specialists, the cruise industry offers a host of jobs for anyone interested in travel-related employment. The 1990s were a time of unbridled expansion for the cruise industry and for cruise line jobs. Over 5 million people took cruises last year, and the numbers continue to rise. Cruise line companies are also adding to their fleets as quickly as possible, and there are currently over 165 large cruise ships either operating or in production.

So what does the rapid expansion of the cruise industry mean for you? In short, there are more cruise ship jobs available now than at any time in the past. With new ships being built almost monthly, job opportunities are sure to grow.

A+ Summer Jobs gives you over 150 pages of information you should know about cruise jobs!

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