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A+ Summer Jobs helps students and recent grads find unique seasonal and summer jobs - from cruise ships to Alaskan fisheries.
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Cruise Ship Jobs Preview

If you're going to be a waitress... A Disney Cruise Line server.
Since there is practically every skilled and unskilled job on a cruise ship that you would find in any town, there are dozens of well-paying jobs that are available for seasonal workers. Many of the jobs require no specific shipboard experience - only a positive and outgoing attitude is required. There are also jobs that require some limited experience, such as entertainers, fitness instructors, and bartenders. On the whole, there are many interesting and rewarding positions available, even if the only job you've ever had is working summer break in a local restaurant or gift shop.

Listed below are descriptions of some typical jobs that are available on cruise ships. Read them carefully so that you may decide which positions suit your tastes and abilities. The following list can be considered a general outline of available jobs; each cruise line has other openings depending on their specific needs. However, there is a greater demand for the following positions and they are commonly available.

Please note that we have limited the following list to jobs that require little or no specialized education. Jobs such as engineers, ship doctors, and first mates have been omitted.

Bar Steward

These employees serve drinks to passengers all over the ship, including both lounges and decks. Some light cleaning in the bar or lounge area is also required, but such duties are shared with the other workers. Knowledgeable senior bar stewards may also serve and recommend wine in the ship's restaurant. Most income comes from tips.


Since bartenders are such an important part of passengers' cruise experience, companies demand that their bartenders are absolute experts at their craft. And besides mixing drinks and talking with passengers, bartenders are responsible for managing bar stewards and bar inventory. Bartenders' income comes mainly from tips.

Bedroom Steward

Bedroom stewards are some of the most important employees onboard cruise ships. They are responsible for making beds, cleaning rooms, turning down passengers' sheets at night, and for honoring special requests of passengers. One of the most physically demanding jobs on board, several employees told us it took a couple of weeks to get used to making beds for hours at the time. On the other hand, if you like working on your own, with little direct supervision, this may be the job for you. Many ships prefer to hire bedroom stewards from developing countries, but these jobs are available for Americans on several lines. Income is above average with a high percentage coming from tips.


These workers care for the beauty needs of passengers and crew alike. All companies require professional licensing to be considered for these jobs. Most beauticians are hired through Steiner Transocean (see the concessionaire listing), and pay includes salary and tips.

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