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A+ Summer Jobs helps students and recent grads find unique seasonal and summer jobs - from dude ranches to Alaskan fisheries.
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Internship Categories

A+ Summer Jobs offers comprehensive advice and resources on picking the right internship, researching employers, creating winning resumes and cover letter, plus over 1,000 profiles of leading internship programs with top employers in the following fields:

International Internships - From the World Trade Organization to African Action, these organizations work on issues effecting multiple countries around the world. If you are interested in these issues, remember to also check out the human rights internship listings.

Fortune 500 Employers - These employers are named after the annual rankings of the largest American companies by Fortune Magazine. These companies often offer a variety of well organized internship opportunities in a variety of fields. Be sure not to exclude a company because it's not in your career area. For example, if you are interested in marketing, most companies offer marketing internships regardless of the their product or service.

Human Rights Organizations - Organizations such as Amnesty International work to better the living conditions of people all over the world. If you are interested in these issues, remember to also check out the international internship listings.

Advocacy - Pick an issue... any issue. Chance are there's an advocacy group in Washington that lobbys congress on behalf of the issue's supporters. If you care deeply about a particular cause, working for one of the organizations listed here can be one of the most rewarding internships you'll ever find.

Advertising and PR Agencies - If you’ve ever dreamed of writing clever ad copy, planning a media campaign, or promoting a cause to the media, these may be the internships for you. Remember, advertising and PR agencies are not the only place to find work in these fields - many larger companies and non-profit organizations have in house advertising and PR managers on their staff.

Environmental Organizations - If you care about the environment, one of these organizations is sure to interest you. In addition, be sure to review the National Parks Service and National Forest Service job profiles in the "Outside" jobs area - these government agencies also offer environmental internships.

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