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A+ Summer Jobs helps students and recent grads find unique seasonal and summer jobs - from theme parks to Alaskan fisheries.
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Theme Park Jobs Preview

Have you been dreaming of the land of Mickey Mouse? Or have you been lusting for an unbridled thrill of riding roller coasters every day? If so, you may have already considered theme park employment. If not, read on - theme parks are one of the largest summer employers of seasonal employers in the country. In fact, some parks hire as many as 10,000 employees per summer!

Theme parks are also some of the most flexible employers in terms of jobs and locations. From working in restaurants to operating rides, or from taking pictures of guests to earning college credit as an administrative intern, there is a tremendous variety of jobs available. In addition, theme parks are spread throughout the country, giving you a great opportunity to travel just about anywhere. Theme parks also tend to be close to civilization (compared to say, a dude ranch), so they are a good way to work in the outdoors during the day and still have a variety of restaurant and other attractions at night. All things considered, working for a theme park can be an outstanding way to spend your summer. Also, for some summer workers, seasonal theme park jobs lead to a satisfying career after college.

Almost every theme park job involves dealing with the general public, so workers who are outgoing, friendly and people-oriented tend to be the most successful (meaning they liked the job and would do it again). Most employers prefer to hire applicants who are clean cut and blue hair is generally frowned upon.

If you're interested in theme park jobs, you may also be interested in children's camp jobs, cruise ship jobs and even alpine resorts (some of which operate rides in the summer)!

Featured Employer - Cedar Point is a real employer taken directly from our database.

Cedar Point Amusement Park
One Cedar Point Drive
Sandusky, OH 44870
Phone: 1-800-668-JOBS
Apply Now

For the seventh consecutive year, Cedar Point was voted the best amusement park on the planet in a poll conducted by Amusement Today. This could be your most exciting summer job ever.

Cedar Point opened in 1870 on a scenic Lake Erie peninsula. America’s RollerCoast is now home to a world-record 16 roller coasters – including Millennium Force, the steel coaster voted best in the world. And new for 2005, Cedar Point announces its 68th ride – maXair, a swinging, spinning experience that delivers amazing airtime with every turn. There’s also a wide variety of live entertainment; merchandise gift shops; restaurants; four kids’ areas and much more! Cedar Point is also home to Soak City, our 18-acre waterpark; Challenge Park, a family activity complex; resort hotels; a beautiful beach; Campground facilities including regular and luxury RV sites, cottages and cabins; and two large marinas.

Cedar Point employs over 4,000 seasonal employees. More than 2,500 employees actually live right at the park! There are dozens of different types of jobs to be filled every summer: bartenders, ride hosts, office clerks, food hosts, desk clerks, room attendants, gift shop clerks, weight guessers, and lifeguards are just a few of them. Cedar Point also offers you the opportunity for advancement into supervision for most positions. Acquire and improve leadership skills while you work.

Jobs: Food Sevice, Lifeguard, Park Operations, Merchandising, and Accommodations.
Season: Summer
Pay: Starting at $6.25 per hour PLUS $1 per hour bonus upon completion of employment contract.
Food and Lodging: Low cost housing and meals on-site.
Perks: Free access to Cedar Point, employee recreation center, free shuttle to local shopping, Internet access, low-cost health clinic.
To Apply: Visit their web site

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