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A+ Summer Jobs helps students and recent grads find unique seasonal and summer jobs - from summer camps to Alaskan fisheries.
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Camp Jobs Preview

Counselors hold a limbo bar for campers.
For hundreds of years, artists have written books, painted paintings and made great sculptures in a futile effort to recapture their lost youth. But if your youth was spent at a summer camp, A+ Summer Jobs can help!

Working at a summer camp is not just a great way to recapture your youth, it's just fun! Who wouldn't want to spend the day swimming, shooting bows and arrows and telling ghost stories around camp fires?

All camp employees need a genuine love of working with kids - typical camp counselors not only work with, but also live with up to 10 campers. Most camps also have openings for instructors, trip leaders, watersports staff / lifeguards, nurses and cooks. Instructors may work in any of the following areas: Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Campcraft, Canoeing, Ceramics and Pottery, Dance, Drama, Environmental Education, ESL, Golf, Kayaking, Lacrosse, Mountain Biking, Photography, Radio, Rock Climbing, Ropes Course, Sailing, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Rock Climbing, Visual Arts, Water-skiing, Windsurfing, and Woodworking.

A+ Summer Jobs has researched some of the best summer camps in the country to give you the best options available, based on pay, benefits, location and reputation.

Sample Employer - Below is a real employer taken directly from our database. In the Member Area, you could add the employer to your favorites list or apply immediately online.

Cottontail Ranch Camp
1666 Las Virgenes Canyon Rd.
Calabasas, CA 91302
Phone: (818) 880-3700
Fax: (818) 880-3714
Email: cottontail@earthlink.net
Website: http://www.cottontailranchcamp.com

Cottontail Ranch is a summer residence camp and group retreat in Malibu Canyon, California. Traditional camp activities like horseback riding, rock climbing, fishing, hiking, and campouts combine with surfing, minibiking and trips to Disney World and Magic Mountain to make Cottontail a unique camp experience.

Cottontail Ranch is owned and operated by Pepperdine University and is accredited by the American Camping Association and the Western Association of Independent Camps.

Jobs: Counselors, activity instructors.
Season: Summer
Employer Type: Camp
Pay: Varies, most $195 per week.
Food and Lodging: Room and Board provided.
To Apply: Visit their web site or start the application process now at A+ Summer Jobs.
Tips and Advice: Applicants are required to have First Aid and CPR certifications; they are encouraged to contact Cottontail by phone for additional information.

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